On A Eartha Kick

Good Evening Dames and Gentle Dames. I have recently been on a very serious Eartha Kitt binge. Aside from being a fantastic songstress, and probably THE DOPEST Cat Woman to date!! Eartha is one of my absolute favorite artists for her unwavering fortitude. The strength it must have taken to just survive, strive, and then achieve greatness. The strength it took for her to over come the lack of love from her early childhood, and feeling rejected most of her life for something that she could not control. The strength it took especially in her era to be a strong mixed raced woman and refuse to  allow the ignorance of others to silence her. She truly inspires me and I hope she can rouse a lil sumn sumn in you as well. “People these days are thinking less and drinking more” as Eartha said so it’s About Dame Time you sit back think a little less, drink a little more ,and listen to this wonderful humans music 🎶 ! Click what needs clicking and tell me if you like it. 


N3xt Track

Hellooo Dames , and Gentle Dames recently I was introduced to Benjamin Clementine a voice straight from the heavens . As soon as those tasty tasty flavors seeped their way into my ear canals I was hooked.  He is a true artist, but my words will do him NO justice. The Leonard Cohen and Nina Simon influences shine through and my soul traveled to another reality. I really did fall in, and out of love; was lifted and dropped, suffocated and brought back to life with his music. Yah know what his music really speaks for itself and its aboutdametime you listen to it. Do the *click thing YOU WONT REGRET IT!!! 


Hey Dames and Gentle Dames … Mon-daze – am I right?! It draggggged but I did find a handsome face and a gorgeous voice to listen to that eased my Monday fatigue. Matt Corby  *deep sigh* blushes for hours* his voice is like mulled wine on a frosty December night. As soon as I heard those deep sultry notes coming out from between those perfectly pouty lips my lady parts ..I mean my ears – yeaa – that’s what I meant ..yes, My Ears…what was I saying?! Ugh ok honestly this guy is just amazing and gives me a touch of the dizzies. I can’t think straight listening to him and writing this post I have a major crush and it’s AboutDameTime you develope one as well. So grab your drink of choice, listen to the playlist, and let me know if y’all are crushing as hard as I am.