Deskwork Dance Party

HI-Low Dames and Gentle Dames. So y’all know the story. You’re at work and you’re gonna be there ALL fuckin’ day. People comin up to you askin all them questions, makin statements…assuming- you like myself start to feel the mid-day daze. Giving the bitch face to everyone who breathes in your direction before your nap. (yes i take naps fuckin judge me!) You need a pick me up? yes? Well I made a playlist for yah or for me … ok it was for me but it was About Dame Time I shared. So here is what I listened to today ,and yah know what – it really helped me from killing some people. Hopefully you likes it  and you also are kept from slaughtering your work friends!!! let me know or don’t, but “it’d be cooler if you did.”



Its About Dame Time I Start!!!


Hola Dames and Gentle Dames to its About Dame Time where I basically just word orgasm about my latest musical obsessions. I like tah think that my music flavors are kinda like a classy glass of champagne, it’s bubbly kinda spills ALL over the place after a while & an over all pretty great time! Hopefully you stick around and Jam with me.