Morning B4 The Muzic 

Good Mornin’ Dames and Gentle Dames. I usually wake up Too Damn Early and today is no different. Except that some of my best boys and I are headed to Houston this weekend for Day for Night 2016. Now – for those of y’all that aren’t from Texas or the south or -fuck- just don’t know what that is –it’s a music festival. So I’m packing up all my shit …makeup, GLITTER, mini snacks for the mini road trip, and rain boots uh course cause it ALWAYS rainin’ in Big H-Town. *deep sigh* but before all that I gotta actually get outta bed and pack up. Now since it’s *fuck off* early and the suns still risin’ up past the pink and lavender clouds up in the heavens I had me an Idea…As I pack I thought I would make a chill morning mix. One that won’t rattle the roommates outta bed and kill me before I can get on the road ,as well as hype me up just as much as this here mornin’ coffee. So getcha self outta bed cause it’s AboutDameTime I get ready for the road and you get ready for everything else. Do the click and tell me the shtick when you’re done . 


Its About Dame Time I Start!!!


Hola Dames and Gentle Dames to its About Dame Time where I basically just word orgasm about my latest musical obsessions. I like tah think that my music flavors are kinda like a classy glass of champagne, it’s bubbly kinda spills ALL over the place after a while & an over all pretty great time! Hopefully you stick around and Jam with me.