Its About Dame Time I Start!!!


Hola Dames and Gentle Dames to its About Dame Time where I basically just word orgasm about my latest musical obsessions. I like tah think that my music flavors are kinda like a classy glass of champagne, it’s bubbly kinda spills ALL over the place after a while & an over all pretty great time! Hopefully you stick around and Jam with me.


If you leave …. 

Hello Dames and Gentle Dames. It’s been a while and I have made a playlist once again. I pray some of you take a listen. My life has been more brittle than mazapan and more twisted than my fingers playing “in the hall of the mountain king” 🎻  my heart has felt joy, sorrow, disappointment, disease, and fleeting love. But !! I am leaving that all in the past with this playlist – hopefully. So please join me in my dance party to free spirited enlightenment ,and success. Say it with me  “I will have all I need, all I enjoy, and all I wish for.” So get your bum off the floor it’s about dame time we all stop sulking and start living !! Leave it all behind. There is so much more wellness in the future. 

We Got Issues 17

Hey Dames and Gentle Dames “🎤it’s been a while” but I’m back and I made a playlist. If the playlist name doesn’t do it for ya the music will. *wink *wink These past few months have not been the most forgiving ,and I know I’m not the only one. Times have been a real side show in society, and my personal/ professional life have been no different. I felt the relentless waves of life hit me harder than I was expecting ,but we must remain positive darlings. So now ‘we should take some time for ourselves’ I thought ,and what better than a bed picnic ,and some tunes… am I right? So it’s about dame time y’all join me on this most serene afternoon as I sit back – draw, letting music frequencies seep into my subconscious ,and mend my sleepy splintered soul. Ya know what else y’all I could use a little company. So slip me in your pocket ,and slide those ear phones over your cute ears – get some relaxin’ done or not it’s up to you what you wanna do with your body ✊🏼👊🏼🙌🏼


Merry Holidays Dames and Gentle Dames!!! It’s Christmas in my house the wine is over flowin’ ,the tamales are by the dozen ,and my family is fightin’….Ahhh Christmas I love it lol did I mention the yelling at the tv over this football game-yes-yes 😑…so to distract myself from the debates I made a short playlist of some of my favorite Christmas Carols, and renditions. *drunk whispers MACY GRAY’s Santa Baby is really fuckin awesome. * Alrighty Dames I’m ready to sink into this couch and be the LUSH My family knows I can be …The LUSH Lyfe! So click the link Ya Filthy  Animals get into the Christmas Cheer with me and my crazy family and bless up my Dames.

Morning B4 The Muzic 

Good Mornin’ Dames and Gentle Dames. I usually wake up Too Damn Early and today is no different. Except that some of my best boys and I are headed to Houston this weekend for Day for Night 2016. Now – for those of y’all that aren’t from Texas or the south or -fuck- just don’t know what that is –it’s a music festival. So I’m packing up all my shit …makeup, GLITTER, mini snacks for the mini road trip, and rain boots uh course cause it ALWAYS rainin’ in Big H-Town. *deep sigh* but before all that I gotta actually get outta bed and pack up. Now since it’s *fuck off* early and the suns still risin’ up past the pink and lavender clouds up in the heavens I had me an Idea…As I pack I thought I would make a chill morning mix. One that won’t rattle the roommates outta bed and kill me before I can get on the road ,as well as hype me up just as much as this here mornin’ coffee. So getcha self outta bed cause it’s AboutDameTime I get ready for the road and you get ready for everything else. Do the click and tell me the shtick when you’re done . 

Friday Night Freak

HEYYO Dames and Gentle Dames!!! It’s Friday Night and I just wanna dance. Y’all know the sitch you’re out with your best gang and dressed to the 11’s. You’re gonna go out and dance till your feet freak and let your booty loose!! It’s About Dame Time you get to the get down and move those hips right round so click the link and get hip with this playlist. Have fun be safe my Dames 😉😉 

On A Eartha Kick

Good Evening Dames and Gentle Dames. I have recently been on a very serious Eartha Kitt binge. Aside from being a fantastic songstress, and probably THE DOPEST Cat Woman to date!! Eartha is one of my absolute favorite artists for her unwavering fortitude. The strength it must have taken to just survive, strive, and then achieve greatness. The strength it took for her to over come the lack of love from her early childhood, and feeling rejected most of her life for something that she could not control. The strength it took especially in her era to be a strong mixed raced woman and refuse to  allow the ignorance of others to silence her. She truly inspires me and I hope she can rouse a lil sumn sumn in you as well. “People these days are thinking less and drinking more” as Eartha said so it’s About Dame Time you sit back think a little less, drink a little more ,and listen to this wonderful humans music 🎶 ! Click what needs clicking and tell me if you like it. 

N3xt Track

Hellooo Dames , and Gentle Dames recently I was introduced to Benjamin Clementine a voice straight from the heavens . As soon as those tasty tasty flavors seeped their way into my ear canals I was hooked.  He is a true artist, but my words will do him NO justice. The Leonard Cohen and Nina Simon influences shine through and my soul traveled to another reality. I really did fall in, and out of love; was lifted and dropped, suffocated and brought back to life with his music. Yah know what his music really speaks for itself and its aboutdametime you listen to it. Do the *click thing YOU WONT REGRET IT!!! 


Hey Dames and Gentle Dames … Mon-daze – am I right?! It draggggged but I did find a handsome face and a gorgeous voice to listen to that eased my Monday fatigue. Matt Corby  *deep sigh* blushes for hours* his voice is like mulled wine on a frosty December night. As soon as I heard those deep sultry notes coming out from between those perfectly pouty lips my lady parts ..I mean my ears – yeaa – that’s what I meant ..yes, My Ears…what was I saying?! Ugh ok honestly this guy is just amazing and gives me a touch of the dizzies. I can’t think straight listening to him and writing this post I have a major crush and it’s AboutDameTime you develope one as well. So grab your drink of choice, listen to the playlist, and let me know if y’all are crushing as hard as I am. 

Deskwork Dance Party

HI-Low Dames and Gentle Dames. So y’all know the story. You’re at work and you’re gonna be there ALL fuckin’ day. People comin up to you askin all them questions, makin statements…assuming- you like myself start to feel the mid-day daze. Giving the bitch face to everyone who breathes in your direction before your nap. (yes i take naps fuckin judge me!) You need a pick me up? yes? Well I made a playlist for yah or for me … ok it was for me but it was About Dame Time I shared. So here is what I listened to today ,and yah know what – it really helped me from killing some people. Hopefully you likes it  and you also are kept from slaughtering your work friends!!! let me know or don’t, but “it’d be cooler if you did.”


In The Foreign enough with all the introductions let’s get to it. It’s About Damn Time Yall take a listen to some of this Eastern Hip Hop!! So recently I’ve been HELLA into the Asian “trap” scene. I made a short playlist for y’all with a few of my latest favorite songs. So click the link and take a quick listen to some of these rappers. They are pretty fuckin spectacular in my opinion . *tongue clicks and finger guns*  give it a shot or take a shot whatever you gotta do but listen!